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Zandvoort's "Zandkorrels"

The 'Zandvoortse Zandkorrel': a delectable bonbon, available in 2 variants. The first variant is the original, made from chocolate, haddockpeel liqueur and sugar. The second variant contains a little bit of salmiac instead of liqueur. The addition of the liqueur/salmiac gives it a salty taste, in keeping with the sea. Delicious!


Haltestraat 38.


Price by weight (A bag with 10 bonbons costs appr. € 7,50)


Mo - Fr: 08.00 AM- 06.00 PM

Sa: 08.00 AM - 05.00 PM

Su: Closed

Extra information

The 'Zandkorrel' is a bonbon with a history. In the days when Zandvoort was still a fishing village, fishermen and shellfish would get liquor to keep warm. This liqueur is a brandy flavoured with many different herbs. These flavours are incorporated into the bonbon.

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Haltestraat 38
2042 LN Zandvoort
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