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Visit the gnomes' village

Did you know that gnomes live in the Water Supply Dunes? You have to look for them, but they have made a whole village in the dunes. About 200 gnomes now live there.

By the way, don't expect to see only gnomes. For this area is also home to many foxes, birds of prey and deer.


Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, entrance De Zilk, Joppeweg 1

From the main entrance, follow the paved footpath. After crossing the water, walk the unpaved path into the woods after about 300 metres. Look out for the red pointy hats here.


Accessible all year round from sunrise to sunset


Entrance fee: € 1.50 per person (18+ years old)

Parking: € 2,-

More information

The gnome village was founded by a forester who put 1 garden gnome in the forest. Over the years, many people followed his example, resulting in about 200 gnomes living in the village 30 years later.

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  • Gnome village
  • In the nature
  • Fun for (young) children


Joppeweg 1
2191 AW De Zilk
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