Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Plastic Soup Walk

Your own Beach Cleanup

During the Plastic Soup Walk, you will take to the beach yourself, on your own, with a route, a jut bucket and a waste bingo card to collect Beach Trash.


Four different routes start at the reception of the holiday parks Roompot Zandvoort and Bloemendaal, Center Parcs Zandvoort and Camping De Lakens. You can sign up at reception.

How does it work?

You can walk the walk at any time, any day of the week during the opening hours of the reception of the mentioned holiday parks. You walk on your own initiative and do not join a group. You decide how long you will walk, where exactly you will walk, how far you will walk, whether you will have lunch somewhere or sit on the beach. As long as you return the Beach Cleanup Set before the reception desk closes.


The Plastic Soup Walk is free of charge.

What do you get?

If you sign up at reception for the Plastic Soup Walk, you will get the following per person:

Beach Cleanup Set, Beach Cleanup Explanation, Plastic Recycling Explanation, Waste Bingo Card, Four Plastic Soup Walk routes and a small reward.

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