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Local Herbal tea

Herbal tea from the Zandvoort dunes

In the dunes around Zandvoort grow many herbs and plants that are very good for you, a kind of superfoods from the dunes. Rose hip is full of vitamin C and hawthorn ensures good blood circulation. These plants can be found in the Herbal Tea from the Zandvoort Dunes, made by herbalist Corina Busman in collaboration with Liefs uit Zandvoort. The tea has a deliciously mild flavour and is also very good for you. It gives your resistance a boost and helps strengthen your immune system. The local tea is for sale at various places in Zandvoort, including De Bijentuin, Qurios Zandvoort & Bloemendaal and Cherish Your Style.

Sales addresses?

De Bijentuin, Zandvoortselaan 142

Cherish Your Style, Grote Krocht 20b

Qurios Zandvoort & Qurios Bloemendaal: in the shops at the reception of these holiday parks

Thalassa beach houses: in the shop at reception (only during the beach season)

Zenzo Yoga: yoga school in the centre of Zandvoort

Puurvoetreflex: foot reflexology practice on Zandvoortselaan


€6.50 per jar


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  • Local product
  • € 6.50 per jar
  • Multiple points of sale


Boulevard Barnaart 30
2041 JA Zandvoort
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