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Zandvoort has a particularly beautiful mountain bike trail. You will not only cycle through beautiful dune areas with many height differences, bridges and lakes. The course is also situated around the Circuit de Zandvoort. This gives you beautiful views of the circuit and the curves at various places. The most special part of the circuit is the Laar-Wall, a 300 metre long 'Wall-ride', with a curve of 44 metres long and 4 metres high. The largest in the Netherlands. This makes the course - which is already quite tough - extra challenging!

Mountain bike course The mountain bike course is open to everyone, but only if there are no paid events on the Circuit. The course is in a protected nature reserve, so only cycle on the paths. You can get there by entering the parking next to BMW Driving Experience Slotemaker (Rob Slotemakerstraat 1) and going all the way to the end. There you can enter the circuit area and you will see the track.


Entrance via parking next to BMW Driving Experience Slotemaker, Rob Slotemakerstraat 1


Open all year round.


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Rob Slotemakerstraat 1
2041 KN Zandvoort
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