Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Experience Sea Spark

It is pitch dark on the beach. Only the stars and the moon light up the night. You take a step into the sea and suddenly the water around your feet lights up bright blue: Sea Spark!

A fantastic and impressive natural phenomenon that can only be seen under special circumstances. But once you have seen it, you will not easily forget it. It is not called the Northern Lights of the North Sea for nothing! 

Video via Strandpaviljoen Fosfor


Sea sparkles only occur in specific weather conditions. That is what makes it so unique. The conditions have to be just right and you have to have some luck. The best chances are in warm and calm weather. It must also be really dark and there must be little light pollution in order to see it properly. The Facebook group Seevonk Alert keeps you informed when Sea Spark is observed.


The location is also unpredictable. Sea sparks can be seen along the entire coast under the right conditions. 

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  • In the Summer
  • Only under certain circumstances
  • Outdoor
  • Free of charge


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