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Historic races

As you can see, Zandvoort has a rich motor sports history. During the Historic Grand Prix weekend, held every year in August on Circuit Park Zandvoort, we revisit these days long gone. Races with beautiful historic F1 and GT cars, special demonstrations and a fleet of historic cars you can (almost) touch!

Grand Prix of 1948

The first Zandvoort Grand Prix on the new race track was held in 1948. Since that race, 34 Grand Prix have been run on the dune circuit, the last one in 1985. Big names like Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda have won this famous race.


Grand Prix of 1973

During the 1973 GP, British driver Roger Williamson crashed exiting the fast 'Hondenvlak'. A flat tire caused him to hit the guard rail, and his car was launched into the air and rolled over. The tank was ruptured and the fuel caught fire, which cost Williamson his life.

Trophy of the Dunes 1979

Not a Grand Prix race, but a very memorable one nonetheless. The 1979 Trophy of the Dunes, when Rob Slotemaker was killed. Ironically, the founder of the Zandvoort skid control school of the same name skidded in a puddle of oil on the track during the race. He hit a car parked at the side and broke his neck.


To this day exciting, thrilling and memorable races are run on the Circuit Park Zandvoort. Think of the Paasraces, Pinksterraces or DTM. Here is an overview of the coming races.