Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Yanks Indian Club

Those who think of coffee shops quickly think of Amsterdam. But the Yanks Indian Club is unique because it is within walking distance of the beach. Over 30 years ago, the Yanks Indian Club was established. The coffee shop originated from the former coffee house and quickly grew into the coffee shop as everyone knows it today. The coffee shop is known for the high-quality products sold. The products can be bought for both recreational and medical use, making its reach very wide. The coffee shop stands out because they are the only ones allowed to stay open until 03:00. This provides the opportunity to offer multiple aspects; partying, playing various games, relaxation and socialising.

Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city? In less than half an hour you can travel from Amsterdam to Zandvoort by train, and just a four-minute walk from Zandvoort aan Zee station you will find the Yanks Indian Club. In both summer and winter, Zandvoort offers the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air and to relax further, a visit to the Yanks Indian Club will make your day complete.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 02:45 


  • Alone
  • In town center
  • On a square
  • Cash, Pin & Credit card
  • Parties and meetings
  • Regular live music


Dorpsplein 2
2042 JK Zandvoort, Nederland
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+31 23 571 9299