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Noble Tree Café

Right in the middle of the centre of Zandvoort, on Raadhuisplein, you will find Noble Tree Café. Noble Tree is there for the true coffee lover who loves high-quality coffee. During their journey of discovery, the founders of Noble Tree discovered that coffee always brings people together. Inspired by this coffee trait, they founded the Noble Tree brand.

And how fun is it to set up a café near the coffee brand? Because people are also brought together here every day. The café is beautifully and stylishly decorated and exudes a lot of tranquillity. The ideal place to have a cup of coffee. Here you have a view of the square where many people pass by every day, so there is plenty to see.

On the large terrace, you can enjoy your favourite coffee in both summer and winter. Then order something to eat with it, as they serve the tastiest dishes all day long. With good coffee comes good food! And they understand that very well at Noble Tree. Fancy a caffeine shot? Then be sure to stop by here and experience it for yourself.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 08:30 to 18:00


  • Alone
  • In town center
  • On a square
  • With terrace
  • Cash, Pin & Credit card
  • Breakfast & lunch


Raadhuisplein 16
2042 LR Zandvoort
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023-888 8482