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Martha (Zara's)

One of the two Greek restaurants in Zandvoort is Zara's. Opened in 2003, the restaurant on Haltestraat is a favourite among many people because of its traditional dishes from various parts of Greece. The owner Martha wants to continue the tradition by making the dishes the way her mother made them. All prepared with the ancient and most important ingredients in Greek cuisine; olive oil and wine. Who doesn't love this?

The menu is very diverse, offering a choice of meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes. And, as you know from the Mediterranean, with lots of healthy ingredients such as fresh vegetables, legumes, fish and fruit and, of course, fresh herbs. So you can taste the real Greece on your plate. Order a nice Greek wine with that and you won't want anything else. Martha and her team are very hospitable and welcome you with open arms. So book your table soon.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday from 2pm to 10pm


  • Alone
  • In town center
  • With terrace
  • Cash, Pin & Credit card
  • Artisan
  • Regular live music


Haltestraat 7
2042 LJ Zandvoort
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023 571 6631