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Guijt Visspecialiteiten

Everyone is familiar with the fish carts along the promenade or on the beach. But did you know that there is also a permanent fish cart in the middle of the town centre? So are you in town and in the mood for fish?

Then Guijt Visspecialiteiten is the place to be. And they are also the only one in the centre. By now, it has become a household name and there are often many people queuing in front of the cart. And that's not just because of the good fish they sell. The good service is also what they are known for. There is always time for a friendly chat. No matter how busy it is.

The men from Guijt don't let themselves go crazy. And despite being from Katwijk, they feel at home in our beautiful village. They visibly enjoy their work, always welcome you with a big smile and there is a lot of personal contact. As a result, they have many regular customers who come back regularly. And that is more than justified. So have you tried a fish yet?

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 09:30 to 17:30


  • Alone
  • In town center
  • On a square
  • Cash & Pin
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • To go


2042 LR Zandvoort
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06 25366103