Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam


The former café Rabbel has been home to Brazee since summer 2022. A delicious eatery on the lively Kerkplein square in the centre of Zandvoort. You can come to Brazee for a bite to eat and a drink all day long. With its beautifully located terrace, you're always in the right place. In both summer and winter, this is a nice, warm place. Go for a filling lunch or a nice drink, for example.

Prefer something sweet? Then take a look in the display case. It has the tastiest cakes waiting for you. Great with a nice cup of coffee or tea. And this is also the right place for dinner. That way you can have the whole day. 

Something Café Rabbel was known for were the Formula 1 races that were broadcast. Not to completely abandon this tradition, Brazee transforms the whole place during the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort so you can watch the race in style. Have you visited yet? 

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 11:00 to 17:00 
Friday to Saturday 11:00 to 23:00
Sunday: 11:00 to 22:00


  • With friend
  • In town center
  • On a square
  • Cash, Pin & Credit card
  • Lunch & dinner
  • With terrace


Kerkplein 7
2042 JH Zandvoort
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023 822 0220