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Wild camping is prohibited

Are you planning to go camping on the beach (also known as wild camping)? In general, it is prohibited in Zandvoort to place or keep camping equipment for recreational overnight stays outside of designated camping sites. According to the municipality's rules (established in the General Administrative Law Act), these camping sites must be specifically designated for camping according to the zoning plan.

Can I sleep with my tent on the beach or in the dunes?

No, it is strictly prohibited to stay overnight on the beach, in the dunes, or any other outdoor location in Zandvoort that constitutes public municipal land. This is actively enforced, and you will receive a fine if you do so.

Are you a resident of Zandvoort?

If you own a property, you are allowed to place camping equipment for personal use on your own land (such as a tent in your garden).


Please note that the municipality has the authority to grant exemptions to this prohibition. An exemption may be granted in the interest of protecting nature, the landscape, or the cityscape. Currently, there are no specific areas in Zandvoort where the aforementioned prohibition does not apply.

Camping options

Check out our local offerings on the campsites-page.


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