Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Street Art Zandvoort

  • Start: 5 July 2024, 15:00
  • End: 1 September 2024, 15:00

A new phenomenon will start in Zandvoort in the summer of 2024: Street Art Zandvoort, an artistic statement in Zandvoort's public space. 

Seven Street Art artists will set to work at various spots in Zandvoort's public space from the end of June. Each artist will create a 'monument' according to their own interpretation and design, linking Zandvoort and the artist's skills at the specific location. 

During Street Art Zandvoort, the offering of this art form will be extended to several leading buildings and the artistic part of South Beach. 

LINE UP Street ART Zandvoort 2024

Telmo Miel

Hugo Kaagman


Street Art Frankey

Jan van der Ploeg

Pipsqueak was here


The creations can be viewed from 5 July, including via a free tour. 

 From 5 July to 1 September, an exhibition will be added at the Zandvoort Museum and there will be an outdoor exhibition at the Moco museum Amsterdam on the Zandvoort boulevard. 

The outdoor opening of Street Art Zandvoort is scheduled for Friday 5 July at 3pm, once all the murals have been completed. Location: Burgemeester Van Fenemaplein. 


Burg. van Fenemaplein 2042TA Zandvoort