Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Shantykoren festival

  • Start: 29 September 2024, 10:30
  • End: 29 September 2024, 17:30

This year marks the 25th edition of the Shanty and Sea Songs festival in Zandvoort.

Welcome to New Unicum for the opening, on Zandvoortselaan 10:30am. Meet and greet all the choirs. At this, one choir will give a performance for the residents of Nieuw-Unicum

Performances by choirs in Zandvoort centre and beach;

From 13:00, choirs will perform at Beach Club Tien (beach), Haltestraat, Laurel and Hardy, Gasthuisplein, Het wapen van Zandvoort and Kerkplein.

Collaborative singing;

At the end of the afternoon (17:15), the festival will conclude with a sing-along on the Gasthuisplein.

" 25 years of Shanty and Sea Song festival Zandvoort "

Come, enjoy and sing along.


Centrum Zandvoort