Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

RaPatronaat presents: Kay Slice

  • Start: 11 August 2024, 16:00
  • End: 11 August 2024, 22:00

This summer, Patronaat and Rapa Nui will once again ensure that you can dance with your feet in the sand on four Sundays! From Sunday 2 June until the end of the summer, every month you can enjoy the coolest musical acts for free while enjoying a snack and a drink. This Sunday, it's Kay Slice's turn.

Playing time:19:30

Kay Slice mixes soulful hip-hop - inspired by acts like Anderson Paak and The Roots - with afrobeat inspired by artists like Ebo Taylor and Fela Kuti. His music is animated. It is the result of a quest for his own self, through his mother and fatherland Ghana. He has a big mission: to impart a rich impression of Africa to his generation. Africa as the part of the world where the spiritual power of music is recognised and celebrated. With his music, Kay also wants to tell about people who are not seen, feelings that are not yet embraced. Self-love, identity and everything you encounter in the search for yourself.

Likes if you also like: Dragonfruit, Nonchelange, Gallowstreet and vinyl spinning with a cocktail in your hand.


Boulevard Barnaart 27 2041JA Zandvoort