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Pop Up Museum in the Town Hall

  • Start: 16 July 2022, 12:30
  • End: 9 October 2022, 16:30

From 16 July to 31 December, you will find a temporary exhibition in the old part of the Town Hall. A location in the centre with a lot of history. The perfect place for a Pop Up Museum.

The exhibition contains a unique mix of a collection of sound recordings, old Zandvoort and the history of the town hall in the old building. Read more about the exhibition below.

Jelle Attema

Zandvoort collector Jelle Attema has a special collection that will be exhibited in the Pop Up Museum. Attema's collection includes wooden and metal sound equipment. There is, for example, a model of the very first tin-foil phonograph made by Edison. There are also dozens of versions of Nipper, the well-known white dog that listens to the voice of its master. There are also precursors to the jukebox: Large wooden coin-operated record players that were used in dance halls around 1920.

Collection of architect Chris Wagenaar

At the end of the 1950s, Chris Wagenaar settled in Zandvoort as an architect. Chris had a special predilection for the preservation of cultural-historical heritage. In 1970, at the inaugural meeting of the Society Oud Zandvoort, Chris Wagenaar was elected chairman. He remained chairman until 1982.

Chris had lost his heart to Zandvoort. He stimulated contacts with other coastal villages, especially to record and preserve the original costumes. In 1975, he advocated the establishment of an antiquities room to preserve paintings, images and utensils from the past for future generations. Chris Wagenaar passed away in 2008. His family recently donated part of his collection to the Zandvoort Museum. In the pop-up museum, part of his collection of bombshells is combined with visual material from the Bakels photo collection and Zandvoort traditional costume.

Practical information

  • Open Friday to Sunday from 12.30-16.30 hrs.
  • Admission adults € 3,-
  • Children up to 18 years free
  • Free entrance with a Museumkaart
  • Combination ticket Raadhuis & Zandvoorts Museum € 6,50


Raadhuisplein 16, 2042 LR Zandvoort