Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Pop Up Museum

  • Start: 13 August 2021, 10:00
  • End: 15 November 2021, 16:00
Come and admire this extraordinary exhibition of a unique mix of a collection of sound recordings, motor racing and the Zandvoort circuit in the old building (downstairs) of Zandvoort town hall. The organisation of this exhibition is in the hands of the Zandvoort Museum.

CAR ART is an exhibition of art about cars, with a wink and sometimes a visual commentary on the Grand Prix. The exhibition consists of car artefacts, two-dimensional and spatial work by various contemporary artists. The exhibition gives a different view on the theme of the car. Cars are portrayed, cars are transformed into special objects, motor oil is used as paint and car tyres as material. The exhibition is a collaborative project between the Zandvoort Museum, the Kabelfabriek in Delft and Anne Marion Cense.

The Team Bleekemolen Collection consists of a collection of Racing Memorabilia gathered over the years of the Bleekemolens' careers. Michael started it in the years that he competed in many racing classes like Formula Vee, Formula 3, Formula 1 and other formula cars like Form. Ford, Form. Renault further in the touring cars, GT's of a.o. Renault and Porsche. His sons Sebastiaan and Jeroen are also very active internationally and will certainly continue the tradition.

Besides Car Art, you can admire beautiful wooden and metal sound equipment from the Jelle Attema collection. There is a model of the very first tin-foil phonograph made by Edison. There are also dozens of versions of Nipper, the famous white dog that listens to the voice of its master (His Masters Voice). But also the precursors of the jukebox: Large wooden coin-operated record players that were used in dance halls around 1920. Some ladies show beautiful Charleston dresses from the 'twenties on the dance floor.


Raadhuisplein 16 2042LR Zandvoort