Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Exposition the academy by the sea

  • Start: 14 October 2022, 11:00
  • End: 15 January 2023, 17:00

Starting October 14, the Zandvoorts Museum, in collaboration with the Wackers Academy, is organizing an exhibition with 7 teachers and 7 alumni of the academy. In it they will show contemporary work inspired by Zandvoort and its surroundings. It will be an exciting retrospective of figurative paintings, drawings and sculptures.

About the Wackers Academy

The Wackers Academy is a private educational institute and has existed for almost 40 years. The academy was once founded in order not to lose the classical way of learning in art education.

Layout of the exhibition

In the spaces below, we see strong figurative work complemented by poetic almost fluid objects. Bright use of color versus subdued use of color.All this inspired by Zandvoort, the contrasting location in the middle of the dunes, by the beach and the sea. Surely that is a great place to set up your studio.

The space upstairs is set up as a work studio. With easels and paint, clay and modeling materials. There will be regular workshops so that there really is "The Academy by the Sea."

There is also an impressive outdoor exhibition on the Boulevard of Zandvoort with the work of the artists.


Swaluëstraat 1, 2042 KA Zandvoort