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Bunker Exhibition

  • Start: 8 March 2024, 10:00
  • End: 30 June 2024, 16:00

The exhibition 'BUNKERS The hidden past of Zandvoort' at the Zandvoorts Museum takes a closer look at the construction of the bunkers and the hidden past of Zandvoort during World War II. The exhibition takes you from the function of the bunkers the present to the function of the concrete behemoths in the past.

From Atlantic Wall to holiday home

The nearly 800 bunkers built in World War II were part of the Atlantic Wall, the line of defence against the Allies. The bunkers all had their own function, which the exhibition shows and elaborates on. From crew bunker and observation bunker to kitchen bunker. Today, some 400 bunkers are still hidden in the sand of the Zandvoort dunes. And while some bunkers now serve mainly as shelters for bats, others have been converted into holiday homes over the years.

3D animations and eyewitnesses

Besides the different types of bunkers, the air battles held over Zandvoort during the Second World War are also discussed. These are realistically portrayed with 3D animations. The documentary 'The hidden past' uses eyewitnesses and unique footage to tell the war history. In addition, photographers Dik Bol, Walter Sans and Koen van der Lee present their view of the bunkers in their own photo exhibition.

Additional activities

Also note these dates in your calendar:a:

  • 20th and 21rst of April: Defence Heritage Weekend. Museum accessible free of charge
  • 25 May: National Bunkers Day: Museum accessible free of charge

Guided bunker walks (multilingual)

Guided walk through the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes past various bunkers in the area

Prijs: € 8.- p.p./ Children € 5.- p.p.

Date: 14 March, 28 March, 11 April, 25 April, 23 May, 6 June, 20 June

Start 16.00h at the entrance of the dunes, Zandvoortselaan 130A

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Swaluestraat 1 2042 KA Zandvoort