Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Business meetings by the sea

Business meetings by the sea offer the perfect surroundings for getting results in a relaxed atmosphere and with a natural backdrop. Zandvoort aan Zee has stunning meeting locations, so you can choose whether to have your meeting in the dunes or right on the beach.

Meetings by the sea

There are, for instance, a large number of beach pavilions in Zandvoort that have meeting rooms. You can always find a venue to suit your needs, because some of the more than thirty beach pavilions are open all year round. And you can even choose the atmosphere you want for your meeting by the sea. Hip or fancy, informal or trendy: each pavilion has its own theme. Many of the pavilions have special meeting rooms with modern facilities.


Business meetings by the sea in Zandvoort have more advantages to offer. For instance, the lively beach resort is easily accessible. The participants of the meeting can park their cars on the boulevard and walk to the venue. There is also parking available in the parking garage or one of the many dedicated parking areas.

Are any of the participants coming to their seaside meeting by public transport? Zandvoort has a direct train link to Amsterdam. The station is only 200 meters from the beach. There are also two bus lines, one from Haarlem and one from Amsterdam.

Company outing

Do you want to combine your business meeting by the sea with a relaxing event, or follow it up with a company outing? Zandvoort has everything you need! The Zandvoort Tourist Information has an overview of all the great options for business meetings, with or without company outing. You can also end the meeting with a nice dinner. There are plenty of possibilities to give the corporate character of your meeting an informal and social flavor.

Are you planning a business meeting by the sea in Zandvoort? Please contact the Zandvoort Tourist Information and ask us about the possibilities.