Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Zandvoort Boulevard

With a long sandy beach with a great surf on one side and on the other side lively beach pavilions, the bustling centre, the dunes and Circuit Park Zandvoort, the Zandvoort boulevard is a border between land and sea. A six kilometer long border with a lot to see and do!

Walking on the boulevard

The boulevard of Zandvoort is over 5 km long, so take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view during a nice walk. Or take a seat and enjoy the romantic sunset together. You can also enjoy fresh fish at one of the fish sellers on the boulevard.

Cycling in Zandvoort

The wind in your hair and the salty sea air in your nose, that is cycling along the Zandvoort coast! Along the boulevard is a bicycle path with a view of the beach and the sea. At the north end of this bike path you enter the national park Zuid-Kennemerland, at the south end you go through the dunes to Noordwijk.

Fitness on the boulevard

Come and work out with the best view in the Netherlands! There are four devices for you to use for free, together forming a small fitness circuit. Just perfect in combination with a run on the beach or along the boulevard.

Parking on the boulevard

There are hundreds of parking spaces along the Zandvoort boulevard. Handy for a day at the beach! There is a parking fee on the boulevard between 10.00 and 20.00. The fee: minimal insertion: € 0.50, hourly rate: € 2.50 in summer and € 0.50 in winter, half day (5 hours): € 10.00, day ticket (10 hours): € 13.45.

Fish on the boulevard

The Zandvoort boulevard is not complete without the fish sellers. These are known as fish carts and offer all kinds of tasty snacks from the sea. The herring is freshly cut and the fried cod has fantastic spices. Bon appetit!