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Bicycle rental Zandvoort

Why not rent a bicycle while you are in Zandvoort? There are so many wonderful places to go within 40 km from town. Zandvoort is surrounded by a large network of wide cycle paths, with interesting routes heading to destinations in the north, south and east. Whatever your plans are, be it a leisurely ride through the natural reserves with the family or a day of action on the challenging MTB tracks, there is always a fitting bicycle for rent in Zandvoort.

Behind the Beach Bike Rentals

Behind the Beach Bike Rentals is a bike rental company with a different approach. They don't just rent out the standard primal Dutch bike with coaster brake, no, it goes much further.... They rent out tandems, Becaks, Streetsurfers, mountain bikes, picnic bikes, road bikes, touring bikes with three or seven gears and even touring bikes with electric pedal assistance.

To Behind the Beach Bike Rentals

Wijsman Fietsen

At Wijsman Fietsen Zandvoort, you have the opportunity to hire a bicycle. The bicycle is an extremely convenient way to enjoy the dunes and the beach. It is also possible to hire an electric bicycle. Within half an hour, you can be in the Bulb Region, Noordwijk or IJmuiden via various cycling routes through the dunes of North Holland.

To Wijsman Fietsen

Rent a bike

There are several bike rentals in Zandvoort. All reliable companies that offer bicycles of all types, like racings bikes, mountain bikes, transporter bikes, city bikes, children's bikes, tandems and e-bikes. Often, all you need is an ID and a deposit. The deposit has to be paid in advance, together with the rental fee. It will only take minutes for you to receive all the information you need and have your bicycle adjusted to your measurements, and you'll be on your way. You can rent a bicycle for just one day or as long as you like. Most rental companies allow you to book a bicycle (online) beforehand, so it will be ready for you when you arrive.

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Bike accessories rental

Besides bicycles, the rental shops also offer all the accessories you need for a comfortable and safe trip. Helmets are not legally required in the Netherlands, but they will make your bike ride much safer. Most rental bikes are equipped with saddlebags, locks and a pump. When collecting your rental bike, please check the details of your bicycle insurance.


The rental companies will usually provide you with free information about possible routes, but you can also find a lot of information on our site. If you are planning to go cycling with a larger group, please book your bicycles in advance.