Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Search and Rescue

The Zandvoortse Reddingsbrigade is one of the 180 search and rescue teams in the Netherlands. Their main goal is 'the prevention of death by drowning'. Search and Rescue also keeps people on the beach and in the water safe during the summer months, and in winter they can be called out for emergencies.

The Zandvoortse Reddingsbrigade is a volunteer organization. The organization has about 450 members, 80 of them active in guarding the beach. The lifeguards are all trained and have the necessary equipment. The Zandvoortse Reddingsbrigade Search and Rescue has 11 boats and 2 cars. The lifeguards operate from two stations:

Lifeguard station Ernst Brokmeier 'South' on Boulevard Paulus Loot +31 23 57 12 687

Lifeguard station Piet Oud 'North' on Boulevard Barnaart +31 23 57 12 376

Tips for a safe day at the beach!

1 – If you can't swim, don't go into the sea further than your knees
2 – Don't swim close to rip currents (currents that pull out to sea)
3 – Never swim alone. Even the strongest swimmer can get into trouble, for instance because of cramp
4 – When there is an off-shore wind (wind towards the sea) don't use floating objects
5 – Alcohol and swimming don't mix. It is extremely dangerous
6 – Always keep an eye on the children, both in the water and on the beach. When in the water, stay within an arm's length of small children
7 – Don't dig deep holes on the beach (they could collapse and suffocate you)
8 – Drink enough water
9 – Apply plenty of sunscreen and make sure you have shade to sit in, f.i. by bringing a parasol
10 – Mind the warning flags (yellow = dangerous swimming, red = no swimming)

For more information, see the website of the Zandvoortse Reddingsbrigade Search and Rescue