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Circus Zandvoort

The happiest building in the Netherlands can be found in Zandvoort town center: Circus Zandvoort! Much has been written about the architecture, and not everybody is a fan. Come and see for yourself what you think of the eye catching architectural design. On the outside, happy crooked letters that remind you of circus or fairground posters spell the name ‘Circus’. But once inside it is not a circus after all, but a casino, cinema and arcade.

The amusement building was designed in 1985 by architect Sjoerd Soeters. Five huge steel flags seem to wave through the building. They all have a relationship with the location of the building. The Dutch flag, the colors of Zandvoort and the black and white checkered flag that is related to the racetrack.

The circus theater consists of two parts: the high part with the flags that houses the theater and cinema, and a low part under a tent roof with an arcade and casino. The cinema of the circus theater shows both the latest commercial blockbusters and nostalgic, specially selected movies, and has a Lady's Night. In the casino (18+) in Circus Zandvoort you can choose from over 2000 games of chance. The four ‘floating’ islands have tables for Roulette, Poker and Black Jack. And there are slot machines that offer you a chance at the Mega Jackpot.

Fun and games at Familyland

At the ground floor of Circus Zandvoort is a large arcade, called Familyland. Here you'll find over 50 games of skill and arcade games for all ages. Test your skills on classic machines like Air Hockey or Sega's ’Let’s Go Jungle’, Mariokart 2 Arcade GP, Super Bikes, Time Crisis 4 Deluxe and the Jumping Jackpot.


  • Alone
  • In town center
  • Cinema
  • Casino
  • Free entrance
  • Fun & Games


Gasthuisplein 5
2042 JM Zandvoort
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