Zandvoort Beach for Amsterdam

Wild Walk october 27th

  • Start: 27 October 2021, 15:30
  • End: 27 October 2021, 17:30

October is the mating season for fallow deer in the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen. In itself the mating season is nothing strange, unless you are a deer. The males loadly roar to let you know that they are ready for it. The bellowing looks most like a strange kind of burb. Very tasty... But what follows is wonderful to see: the deer hunt each other and literally fight each other. And with a bit of luck, you can see the banging antlers live! The Wild Walk is led by a guide and starts at 16.00 hrs.

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Zandvoortselaan 130 2042 XC Zandvoort